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Mar 5, 2012

Theories for 2012 Data Gap on Web Bot

Web Bot is a computer program that is designed to make predictions. Alot of these predictions have come true. Yet some have not been completely accurate.

Many people have turned to Web Bot to find out about the famous Mayan end of world prediction. However they have been extremely unsuccessful due to the fact that their is a data gap at the end of 2012 all the way till May of 2013.

This data gap can make you see that it could very well be the end of the world. Because I really don't believe the world will just one day disappear I will try and come up with solutions that may cause such a data gap.

The Web Bot maintainers believe such a data gap may be caused by something that causes our world to be knocked back into pre-electronic state. Such as being placed back before electricity was widely used.

Running with that idea and observing what is going on in the world of the internet today. I have seen more and more attacks on very well known companies. Such hack attack like Synaptic getting their Norton Anti Virus source code stolen. Or Google getting attacked, or the thousands of other known attacks that have taken place recently.

It could very well be that an elite group of hackers will attempt to seize and own the entire internet. If this where to happen they could temporally take Web Bot off line causing a data gap.

Running with the idea of knowing about all of the hacking that has been going on lately. It could be that several governments join together in the attempts to protect the web. In doing so they need to get rid of the internet temporarily  in order to make it much more secure to protect from future attacks.

Earlier this year the US government tried to pass the PIPA and SOPA bills. True they didn't get passed. However it could be possible that they could rewrite the bills and try to pass them again. This would limit the amount of information passed around on the web. Which could cause such a data gap in web bot.

Several years ago scientist made prediction that a super solar storm will hit in 2015. A few scientist believe that the solar storm could be much earlier such as near the end of 2012. We have had mild solar storms in the past, which has screwed with our cell phones, radios and TV's. But these things where very mild. A super solar storm could in sense fry all electronics rendering them useless.

Statistics have shown that on average the economy will suffer a major depression approximately every 75 years. We are way past due for this. It is very possible that such thing could happen. If it does more and more people will stop paying their ISP's due to the fact that they just wont be able to afford it. The way we got out of great depression was by using WW2 to our advantage. Hopefully we have grown past the point of war. And can find a more reasonable way of getting out of such a depression. However with the current state of technology and the knowledge of nuclear weapons that  we have. If a war did happen it could very well lower the population count to a point where little internet activity will happen.

Another thought that could come to mind could sound a little off the wall to many people. However it shouldn't be left out as possibility is First Contact. If alien beings had the ability to travel light years to the planet earth, it is very possible they have the ability to block anything from being able to detect them from coming. 

Another possibility that is extremely far fetched to many people. But still shouldn't be completely ruled out. Is Time Travel. If a time machine did get made, and started becoming more and more widely used. The United Nations would be forced to set in regulations on using such things. This could also account for a data gap in the Web Bot. Because instead of the Web Bot looking a solid future it would get confused, at future that change depending on who or what goes to what time and where in that time.This would require an entire rewrite of the Web Bot source code.

Sorry the above where just a few of my theories of what could happen at the end of 2012. Please feel free to share your ideas for what is to come in 2012.


Kingkok said...

Sounds interesting! I am skeptical about some of your theories, and agree with others. I do think that there is going to be an internet stoppage. The webbot also predicts "The Israeli Mistake" over and over again, which brought Clif to a depressed state where he cancelled a lot of his interviews for a while. I think that after the Israeli mistake occurs (pre-emptive strike), the world will go into a highly unpopular world war in which they quiet the populations by destroying the internet and threatening to place them in concentration camps if they protest. Everything is speculation right now, and a lot a lot of skeptics are making fun of this middle of March date as another doom and gloom date, when they probably only source their own material instead of diving deep into research, as I have spent the last 2 weeks doing, both public and closed articles.

EmmettLBrown said...

You left out a few possibilities. The Hopi Indians and New Age Psychics have a premonition they will wake up one morning and see the ocean - close to 8,000 feet above sea level. That is either serious glacial melt or an asteroid impact - like the one that passed by the moon last year.

The Y series spyplane is more believable than aliens. The qualifications for life to exist on Earth is a very narrow and specific window involving solar distance, tectonic movement, currents, tides, and a magnetic shield. One of the few times I agree with Stephen Hawking, for the passive observer in the past to witness the effect of time travel is impossible because of the feedback loop effect - you don't see it happen the first time through.

I think the most probable scenario is based on the effect of current events - what happens today breeds into tomorrow: oil economy + government corruption = kill free speech when the US system collapses.

Anonymous said...

Please learn to use grammar and spell checkers. Your article reads as though it were written by a middle-school drop-out.