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Jan 12, 2012

Breaking into someones voice mail

So you want to be a nosing person. And invade peoples privacy by listening to someone elses voice mails. In this blog I will tell you the easiest way to do it. However I won't tell you how to avoid going to jail for doing it. And I say this right now, I'm giving you this information because I can. I'm not forcing you to do it, and I recommend that if you don't have the persons permission to not do it.

So now lets get started.
First you will need a few things.
You will need a phone. When I did this I did on a rooted Samsung Prevail. But most any other phone should work.
You will also need SpoofCard (SpoofCard offers an app for supported phones, currently iPhone, Blackberry & Android)
$10.00 USD to waste on Spoof Credits
Ah and the most important thing you'll need is fully functional brain. I'm not joking. Without a working brain you may do something stupid such as doing it without your victims approval. Then if they find out you will feel just as stupid.

Now Spoof Card up until about 2 years ago used to be legal in the US. What it does is makes the process of spoofing a caller ID (Orange Boxing) easy without the need of expensive switch board systems.

Now say we want to listen to Joe Smo's messages. We will need to first know his phone number. Then we will use spoof card to call his number and to make his caller ID display his own number.

Now Joe's phone will ring & if he is like 65% of people in America he trust caller ID and will be very confused at what is going on with his phone.

Joe will have two choices answer it or ignore it. If he ignores it the voicemail will pickup. The voicemail service will think Joe is calling himself. And when this happens it will direct you to Joe's Voicemail.

If Joe is smart he would make sure that no matter what you have to type a pin to access the voice mail. But most people in the US are lazy and set the pin but make it so they don't have to enter it every time. Because of this we will be able to listen to Joe's messages. We will have able to all the control Joe has on his voicemail.

Like I said earlier Spoof Card is simply a tool to Orange Box. Since the tool takes all of the labor of learning how to Orange Box you have to pay for the time you use on it.

Such methods as what I have mentioned above have been used by rogue private eyes, for the past 15 years.

The best luck they have had with such methods is finding out when the least expected time is for the victim to pick up the ringing phone.

Ways to protect yourself
Well first of all never take a caller ID for granted. Operators have switch boards and telemarketers have them as well as alot of other businesses. All it takes is a pissed off person with enough knowledge to modify the switchboard to spoof the caller ID. Another thing to do to protect yourself is to make sure you are required to enter a pin number when you listen to your voice mail. This will require the attacker to use cracking techniques. Such as Brute forcing the pin with a DTMF or LATA pin generator.
The safest way to protect yourself is to never give your phone number out. Instead you could give a calling card that plays the proper DTMF or LATA tones. This way if people need to call you they place the card to the phones mic and they can call you. However the best way to protect yourself is to just know that no matter what thirds always a possibility and knowing this you would have to work extremely hard not to get on someones bad side.


sell my cell phone said...

That's really interesting. For the purpose of learning, it would be cool to try to break in into a friend's voice mail with his permission and that would avoid the risk.

LinuxPhreak said...

Their are ways to do orange boxing that don't cost money. But they require a little more skill. When I first started orange boxing a used a soft switchboard which is.a step lower then what phone operators use.

Keep in mind in April of 2008 a law was passed that makes orange boxing ileagal.