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Jun 6, 2008

Dr. Google

Is google trying to save the world? Or are they just concerned about my health? Can anyone access google health? Or am I just that special?

Yes it's true google is now offering online medical advice. When I started messing around with it for the first 5 minutes it seemed perfect. However when you start to really get into it you start to notice just like all technology it is anything but perfect.

No I'm knocking it. Because I love it and I love google. But if any of my google buddies read my blogs then maybe you can fix this problems. First problem is simple and I understand what is wrong with it. When you go to add the allergies you have allergies to medications will not show up. So you will have to add them manually. This is because you probably created two separate DB tables. One for medications and the other for allergies. However all medications can have at least one person that is allergic to them. So why not add all the medications from the Medication DB table to the allergies DB table. This will in turn make google health even more flexible.

Second problem I have is the fact it is limited to the amount of informational sites available. Not only that but it would be great if google found out a way so you could pay all and I mean every single medical bill you have online. Even for people who may not have medical insurance.

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