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May 12, 2008

U Broadcast

Have you ever wanted to own your own radio station or have your own talk show. Well now you can have both. With internet radio broadcasting you can broadcast what ever you want, weather it is prerecorded or live. There are several internet broadcasting sites out there but the coolest is ubroadcast.

There is a disadvantage to using this site though. If your not very tech savvy you may spend hours trying to set it up. The reason to this is it is still under beta testing. Which means they are using you as a ginni pig. Don't worry all good companies do this, in fact it is better if they do release a beta so they can work out the bugs. Even google does beta testing.

Usually beta user hardly ever experience a problem with the product. However ubroadcast has a real big problem, that falls into alot of peoples hands. This problem happens when you try to go live.

When you try to go live you may get a problem where a pop up window will come up on your screen and you wont be able to get rid of it. You then will have to literally spend hours reading threw there forums on how to fix the problem, just to find out all you needed to do was download an MS DX9.0c hotfix.

Now the hotfix could be all you needed. However if your running Windows XP or earlier, you may or may not have some peaces of software that Microsoft gives away for free.

Now in case your not very tech savvy you may not know what all these downloads are. But if your a programmer you would know that this software is made with certain programming languages. These Languages were made by Microsoft and the programs made with them can only run on M$ product, limiting ubroadcast market. Also you may notice that it is an older version it is the 2005 version. And they currently have the 2008 version. This means ubroadcast better wake up with the times and use JAVA to make there programs. This way Apple users Linux user and even those cell phone phreaks can use it.

What you also need to download in addition to all of the above and the ubroadcast player and manager is the Flash player, and a PDF viewer both can be downloaded from the ubroadcast website or from the Adobe website.

So if you have all that extra junk on your computer you can now start broadcasting. But say you want to have reruns of your previous broadcast play when your not live. Well you can use pretty much any recording software and have that record while your doing your show. But what I have to give a big +++ to ubroadcast for is that they recommend using Audacity

So in my personal opinion I wouldn't have made ubroadcast with VS .Net at all no matter what year it was. Also I wouldn't have made it so it had to be depended on so many extra programs. And most of all I feel that it is to buggy to be considered Beta I would classify it as Alpha and would have test more before releasing to the public.

However I do enjoy using it and I probably want try to compete with them because I have no interest in doing so. So if your a listener or just a broadcaster you can hear my talk show called Geek Speak. It is on channel 13938, and I will talk about different technologies out there and give free tech support. My first show should be on by the beginning of next month because I have to free some of my time up to actually talk.


PETER said...


I have been going out of my wits over the past year as I remember it well the day the ubplayer started stopping and its been stopping on all non-live broadcasts including my own station that I can not listen to because everywhere I go on other peoples systems it stops on them too, and nobody including ubroadcast knows how to fix this problem, so if anybody here can help please contact me at, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

I wasn't sure how to contact you I've never responded to a blog before but I have a question about another topic on your blog. Please contact me at positiveimpacts(AT)gmail(DOT)com Thanks!