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Oct 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Yesterday was the day stylish technology died many believe. Yes it is true Steve Jobs died, but he lives on as long as we use his products. As long as people speak his name and build things that where inspired by him he will always live on.

Legends don't die just because the person dies. And we all need someone to look up to like many of us looked up to Steve Jobs. We need someone to kick us in the ass and tell us this is what I did now make it better.

This is how the evolution in technology works. Someone creates a revolutionary product that changes our lives. And it constantly gets better as people learn from such creations and build their own variations. Which could in turn throw the previous creation under the water and become the new revolution.

Without people like Steve Jobs technology evolution would cease to exist. Lets look at the short yet colourful history of our technology. Years ago computers were huge, and cell phones where not even around. But these hulking giants inspired thousands of people to make such things. Eventually computers got smaller. People who loved tinkering with phone lines known as Phreaks where started improving upon Bells creation. Others started improving upon the ARPANET, and others kept improving upon computers. Then things started to all mesh together into one big blur.

Which will still become more revolutionary as time goes on. Because a generation is born every 12 years. And they get inspired but their surroundings which plants seeds for better technology.

The same goes for anything and everything that gets improved upon. Even the food we eat the cloths we wear, the furniture we use the pots we piss in. Theirs enough room for improvement for everything in life to be the next Steve Jobs. Just take your lifes passions and go wild.

Rest In Peace Steve. You will be in all of our hearts.


LinuxPhreak said...

To honour Steve Jobs I'm going to do a moment of silence and turn off all of my electronics. And live without technology for a little while. A geeks way of giving a moment of silence.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sentiments