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Apr 1, 2010

Google, Topeka or April Fools

Today is April 1st and Google has announced that they are changing their name to Topeka. They have written blog on the reasons why they are doing this. The idea is behind the supposed fact that city in Kansas has officailly changed their name to Google. But is this true.

A lie is best told when facts are given with it. It is also best believed when trusted sources tells it. Of course with trusted sources rumors are more easily spread. For example for several years it was strictly rumor that Google was releasing their own Operating System.

Many people who hear about didn't believe it because of what was being said. The things that where being said was that it would be the Web OS. Any true programmer knows that an Operating System can't just be strictly web based. This is because an Operating System has to communicate to hardware which make it extremely difficult to do web based.

The truth is, it is fact that Google is releasing their own Operating System. About 90% of it is web based. Everything is stored on the web. However the main Operating System needs to be installed on the hardware. I don't want to go into the details on the security issues in having an Operating System like this. But tons of them open up.

Most rumours about companies start from individuals who admire the company. In sense they want to see the company do what they are talking about. But their are rare cases when companies will start rumours about themselves for publicity.

Because of the connections I have with Google. And the fact that I have done work for them in the past. I want to believe that I would have heard something about such a change. Since I haven't and the fact remains that the change happened on April Fools day. It is most likely in my opinion that these claims are falsified by Google.

Of course only time will prove me wrong.

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