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Sep 2, 2007

Trust nothing you see

We live in the future now. Where anything is possible, and everyone is forced to look in a certain manner. Business man is stereotyped as someone dresses with a suite and tie. A doctor is someone with a white coat a stephiscope. If you are not a certain way you are laughed at and made fun of. Being called a Nerd or Geek. If you think a certain way you must not be normal and they say your crazy or you have schizophrenia. Because of this cruel and harsh reality we live in today. The media has been forced to make normal people feel even worse about themselves, causing young and beautiful women to become anorexic.

Well this is the truth. No one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect. We where all born unique. And if you think that all those people on TV or in those magazines are perfect. You are very wrong. Don't even believe what is write in front of you. Never believe anything you see. Back in the day people used to do slight of hand tricks to fool people. Now the media uses computers. And anyone can do what I am about to show you.

If government hates you they can make you look like monster, if they love you they can make you look like are model. But hey are those models really as pretty as they appear. With a simple tool that can be purchased by anyone people can make others look nothing the way they really look. And without special tools you may never be able to tell that these images have been doctored up. Check it out.

This is what my friend did to a photo

This is what my teacher did


Anonymous said...

Hey it's Legodude.

I came across a copy of the video you posted while I was crawling the web.

BigBen said...

Wow. I knew he was posting the video on other sites, YouTube, Google Video and even MySpace but I never expected my friend to go that far. Nice catch