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Jul 19, 2007

Making a Web Site the Easy way

In today's world anyone who is anyone should have at least one website. In fact a lot of young people think if you don't have website you are LAME. So now you are probably wandering boy am I that out of touch with technology. Heck I don't even know HTML. So does everyone who has website know HTML or some sort of Web design language? The answer to that is no. A lot of people spend a shit load of money on a websites to be made. Others just simply know HTML and other languages, and a select few copy and paste everything. But you don't even need to do that.

Oh really then how do I do it with out buying Dreamweaver or some other expensive program? The answer is simple, deal with the stuff you already have. 90% of all computers running Windows ship with a version of Microsoft Office. All versions of Microsoft Office Ship with Microsoft Word and to tell you the truth that is all you need to make a website.

So if you have Microsoft Office or just Microsoft Word you are ready for to make a site.

Making Your Site

First I would like to say I know for a fact this can be done With Microsoft Word 2003. Because I've done it, I'm not sure about 2007 yet, but I'm sure it can be done with that to.

Now to start open Microsoft Word. (By Default a blank document should be there ready for you to start type and adding stuff on to it)
Now put a nice custom picture anywhere on the page.
Then start typing up what you want the site to say.
Now if you want the site to have link to another webpage or site, just click the Insert Hyper Link Button on the Standard Toolbar or just press the keys ctrl K this should open up the Hyperlink Window. On the very bottom where it says Address there is a textbox. Type the URL(the web address) of the website in that textbox.

Now here's the big secret. When you save it you go to File > Save As then a text box shows up. On the bottom where it says Save As Type choose the option that says Web Page(*.htm *.html)

Now you have successfully made a web page.


Legodude522 said...

I usually just throw some HTML together Notepad and save it as HTML.

A more advanced way of making a website would be to get NVU (FOSS) and download a free web template and edit it in NVU.

My brother uses the ones from this site-

BigBen said...

Yes usually use notepad or a text editor to make a site to. But I want people to realize you can also make one without know not one thing about HTML.

Anonymous said...

What about using paypal? Can I put pay pal in the site.

Anonymous said...

Do I have to use a special web hosting service?

BigBen said...

To the person who asked about pay pal. Yes you can use pay pal. You would simply go to where the web page is stored. Right click on it, then open it up with notepad. And insert the HTML code. But I recomend that you know HTML before you do this.

Now speacal web hosting services. Just make sure they host with Windows Servers. Also try my service it will be the cheapest you can find. My Hosting Service

John said...

Not necissarily. A Linux server can also host it using WINE.

Oh and by the way that hosting plan has the cheapest prices I've seen. You must get alot of customers.

BigBen said...

Thank you for thinking my prices are the lowest. I try to please. Yes you can use WINE for Linux to make Windows applications run. You can also use Crossover Office. Would I recommend using these programs? No. Mostly because they wont work good enough.

Alex said...

I pretty much used the same method for making a site, except I used Excel. And to view the site use the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. But for some reason the browser doesn't render my sites code properly. I tried editing the code, by bumming lines out and when I did that the site was not viewable at all. Will I have to use IE to view my site?

BigBen said...

Well it depends on what OS your using FF on. It also depends on what version of FF you are using. But in short I will tell you to look for a plug in, add on, ect. Now if your using FF for Windows, then the add on that you need is IE Tab. Pretty much what IE Tab is, is an embedded version of IE right in FF 2.0.x