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Jun 27, 2007

Google Audio Ads

What the fuck is an Audio Ad? Is what your probably thinking. Well the answer to that can be simple or hard. And Audio Ad is simply an Ad that you would listen to. Yes I'm talking about on the radio. All the commercials that you hear on the radio are Audio Ads. Does this mean all the ads on the radio are google audio ads? Of course not. A lot of companies pay a fortune to have there ad played on the radio. Some companies pay as much as $50,000.00 USD for the ad just to be made. Then they will pay another $1000.00 USD for every 1000 listeners. So lets go figure that on any specific a radio station has 25,000 listeners. The company would have to pay $25,000.00 USD to the radio station. Now lets say the company has the Ad playing oh about 15 different stations, in a specific area, and about 150 stations nation wide. Roughly each station has 25,000 listeners. Are you still with me? Good. The company now is now paying $3,750,000,000.00 USD. I know I would be broke, heck I would be in debt. So how on earth is someone who has about oh lets say $25 going to pay this type of money. Well google knows how you feel. Heck I know how you feel. So what are we going to do? If you haven't figured it out yet google is the answer.

Google AudioAds is an extension off of Google AdWords. So if you already have an AdWords account you don't need to get any new services. Just simply go to the last tab on the far right that says Audio Ads. Now you can make your own Audio Ads campaign. What's a Campaign? Well it can mean different things, but in this sense it's simply a folder that stores all of your Audio Information. Then google will look at the contents and use them to do what you want them to do.

So right now you should have no campaigns. To make a campaign click on the link that says Create New Audio Campaign. A new page should appear with a form, fill the form out.

Filling The Form Out

1:The first option is to give your campaign a differnt name. You can leave it as is, but if you plan on having more than one campaign it's best you give it a more descriptive name.
2:This step is where you decide how much you plan on spending a week. Theres 3 options. You can choose to spend $500.00 dollars a week, $1000.00 a week, or $2000.00 a week. But if you don't have that much money to spend there is a 4th option. And that is where you can choose how much you plan on spending. No can't choose $1.00. The least you can spend is $25.00.
3:You don't have to worry about this option since you only have 1 campaign right now. But what this option is, if you have other campaigns and you want this campaign to have the same settings as another, you would choose the campaign and click the go button.
4:This step is where you want your ad to play. It has a list of different locations. All you do is find the locations that you want it to play and then you click the add links. You can add as many locations as you want. And if you know the zip code of the area that you want it to play then you type the zip code in the textbox above the list of locations, and it narrows the list down.
5:You have pretty much just 2 choices here. You can have the ad play on the stations that reach the most listeners for the lowest cost. That is what I would suggest you do. Or you can choose what stations you want it to play on such as Jazz, or Rock etc.
Are we done? Far from it.
5Now we pick what times and what we a willing to pay per 1000 listeners. The default if you chose 25 dollars as your weekly limit is $1.86, you can lower that to as low as $1.00. That way you get more bang for the buck. Then it's best to click the button to get estimates. This tells you approximately how much you are going to threw out the whole time it plays. So if you want it to play for a month straight your estemates might show something like 20,000 impressions estimate ad plays 72. It will differ on the different options you choose. But it is a great tool, and if you ask me it is way off. My ad has played has played 247 times this past week. I had 45,600 ad impressions, and I haven't even had to pay $25.00 yet. My ad is supposed to play for a month. Think of the money I'm saving.

Your ad campaign is now finished. So can are you done? Not quite. You still have to provide an ad for your campaign. So you can do this several different ways. You can make your own ad and record it yourself, saving you money. You can write a script up, and send it to a company to have it professionally recorded. You will probably be paying about $100.00 for that to be done. Or for the same price you can have a studio write the script and record the script, this is what I would suggest for everyone my ad is great and it was worth the $100.00. However don't be fooled when buying your ad, alot of times theres an option known as Pay Per Play, this pretty much means that the studio makes the ad and it leagally always will be theres so you will have to pay them money and money to the radio stations for every 1000 listeners. Hmm let me see the lost amount that I saw a studio offering was $50. So that means if my ad played 4 times today and I got 2600, I would have to pay $202.00. So if you are going to have the ad made make sure you are able to buy it out. This means you are the owner of it and you can do what ever you please with it.

Also Keep in mind some radio stations like to stay enanimous so you may not know what station it is playing so if your friends ask just say keep close ear out for that ad.


BigBen said...

So what's next in the google ad market. Well I have told google that they should do google video ads so people can have ads on TV. They said there in the process of doing that. I would also like to see some sort of Newspaper ads for google.

And if you ever need any help with google ad words or Audio ads just call 1-866-2google. Or dial 1-650-253-0000

Mathew said...

Can you give me an example of the Ads

BigBen said...

No I'm sorry I can't do that for the blog site I use wont let me use the embed HTML tags.

John said...

Do you know how I can find out when and how many people are listening my ad is playing.

Such as what stations my ad is on, and who's listening.

BigBen said...

Yeah It's called report. It's also in google AdWords. And it can be created and sent to you on a daily bases or when ever you want.

It will be sent to you via E-Mail, in a cvs format, that you can open up in google Docs & Spreadsheets or in Excel, Lotus or any other spreadsheet.

Big Byrd said...

What if you don't have a DBA? Can I still use google AudioAds?

BigBen said...

Yes you can still use it. There is nothing stopping you.