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Apr 2, 2007

Hacking Outlook

What is a hack. First of all a hack is not necessarily something bad. It is simply a discovery found by someone that make something do what it is not intended to do. In many cases it is not illegal to hack. For instance hacking an XBox. If it is your property and you want to hack it it is fine. But in many cases even though it may be be legal to do a certain hack, you should still think of positive things to use the hack for. Because many things are legal unless you use these things for illegal purposes. In the following I will talk about how to send the same E-Mail to multiple people. Don't think of using this method for spam. Because that is illegal.

So anyway Microsoft Outlook has this feature where you can send the same E-Mail out to multiple people. This feature is good if you provide tech support for people, or telling everyone in your business dew to the weather there will be no work today.

So this is what you would do to accomplish this.
Click on the address bookThis is usually found in the standard toolbar.
Then select File > New Entry A window will pop up with some options.
Click on the New Distribution option. Then click Okay
Type a Name in the Name field
Click on select members buttonA select members window pops up.
Make sure the members tab is selected and Highlight all the people you want to send the message to.
Click the Save and Close button
Close the address book
Now that yo have the people that you want to send the mail to, you wont have to go threw that process again
Go to the mail module and create a message
Type a title in the subject line
Click on the To: button
Double click on the Distribution List that you just made
Click on the send button
Boom your done
The difference between doing this and sending carbon copies is it will address the receiver as Dear Ben or Dear John Doe. And it will not give info on who else this message was sent to.

So say you have a whole bunch of customers that receive your E-Mail based newsletter. Just send the news letter out once and your done until next news letter. But as Americans we are lazy. And the less we do the better we feel. So what if one day you get 100 new subscribers to the newsletter. But other days you may just get 1 or 2. Well if your smart then on the site that the customers sign up for the news letter you have DB. Then all you have to do is make a Macro or a script and from just one push of a button all the E-Mail addresses and user info from the DB goes into the distribution list.


Anonymous said...

If you want it to only show one persons name in the message.. You mmight wan to send it in the Bcc field instead of the To field. You also might want to do a mail merge.

BigBen said...

I'm aware of that. And I expected everyone else to be aware of that. If you do not know that then maybe doing what I said will be to hard and you shouldn't do it.