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Dec 9, 2006

Ubuntu Experiance

Down below is a blog I posted on MySpace while back. But the cool thing is I have add new thing to this blog. So if you have read the one on MySpace you still might want to read this one.

Ok so it happened to me the other day. I was forced to use Ubuntu. My friend wanted it installed on his PC. So messed around with it.

Oh my god I said to myself. It auto detected his Wireless card. That is just to cool. No ndiswarapper needed.

So I start to setup a dual boot. Everything goes great. But damn what an ugly bootloader he says to me. I was still in amazement about the wireless network card. Being that I knew that the bootloader was grub that is nothing. I can easily just give it nicer interface by making .png image in grub then converting it into an .xpm image and putting it in the bootloaders directory.
So that was nothing.

I figured okay let me install it on my PC. I thought Ubuntu must not like me. It's not detecting my wireless card. So I thought if I uninstall Ubuntu and dual boot it with windows that it might detect my Wireless card. I did that and ubuntu recognized it immediately. Hurray for Linux. Keep up the work. Maybe a few months from now you wont even have to dual boot.

After writing the blog I had messed around with for about two months. I brought my laptop to my parents house, but for some reason I couldn't connect to the internet. So it was failure. I could only connect to the network at my house. After talking to some of my tech buddies they said that the Intel Pro Wireless 2915ANG wireless card is a very popular card and that the 2.6 kernel has the drivers for it built in. I just didn't configure it right. As of this time I didn't get a chance to mess with it anymore. But I will talk about my experiance when I do mess with it.

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