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Nov 27, 2006

Google Coop

I have some mixed feelings about Google's coop. I like the idea that you can make your own search engine. But on the top of the page where the google logo usually is you have some plain arial text. There is an option to add your own logo. And I did that. But it doesn't seem to work. Or I haven't noticed a differance. And another thing, I for some reason am still trying to figure out why my Pic isn't showing up. When viewed someone elses coop, the pic was right on the coop page, Lucky him. I will probably figure it out, sooner or later.

Oh and by the way my coop page is for searching for web development stuff. Help, codes, web hosters ect. Once I master this, I might submit it to google, so they can make it the real deal.

This is my coop.

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